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Production Department
Time:2016-09-12    Source: BJD group

After several years of continuous development and integration of resources, BJD has established Al&SMT workshop, injection workshop, wire workshop, mold making workshop, transformer, workshop, etc.

In 2010, Hunan branch factory was established. It covers over 9000 square meters with more than 900 employees. And the quality is strictly managed by the headquarters in Shenzhen. We have our own logistics department to ensure the close cooperation between Hunan branch and Shenzhen headquarter to guarantee the delivery time of each order.

Now, Indian branch is almost finalized, and will be activated in Nov, 2017 so that will further upgrade the delivery ability.

Currently, we have 30 assembly lines including Hunan branch. Our product is complete from board plug-in, tin soldering, assembling, test, aging, laser etching to packing.