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celebration of monthly output of 9 million
Time:2017-01-12    Source: BJD group


Time flies, and BJD has gone through 8 years of the repeated difficulties. BJD`s employees made a great contribution to the development of the company by together in the past 8 years. The company's monthly output has grown by leaps and bounds because of the common efforts of all the employees in the company and the wise decisions by wise leadership of BJD. By he end of December, 2016, our monthly production capacity reached 9 million units, the qualified rate has been up to more than 90%. Monthly production capacity of the company leads the country in the charger industry.

In order to complete the task of monthly production of 9 million sets, the company staff of the various departments work together by great cooperation; and the departments of procurement, warehouse and administration cooperate with the departments of production, PMC and QC and reach the monthly output of 9 million in December, 2016. This great victory is the result of the concerted efforts of all the BJD`s talents. Today, the company has expressed heartfelt thanks to all staff who are working on the workshop, and hope all the staff to make persistent efforts and create more brilliant miracle in the charger industry.