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  • BJD Elite Team

    In 15th, July, 2017, BJD Shenzhen elite team joined and had outdoor training. During the hard training, BJD team overcome all the difficulties, completely show the spirit and philosophy of unity and solidification, without any fear with challenges. ...

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  • Badminton Friendly Match

    Badminton Friendly Match

    Read More》      2017-05-15

  • Company outdoor activity: climbing.

    Company outdoor activity: climbing. It makes us strong, and encourages us to struggle even come across difficulties, to reach success.

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  • Gala of 2017 Lantern Festival Evening

    Time flies; busy 2016 has passed andhopeful 2017 has been comingto us. A new year has Breed new goals and hopes.Feb 11,2017,the 2017 Lantern FestivalGala of BJD Group Co., Ltd was held in Venus Hotel...

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  • celebration of monthly output of 9 million

     Time flies, and BJD has gone through 8 years of the repeated difficulties. BJD`s employees made a great contribution to the development of the company by together in the past 8 years. The compan...

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  • swearing in ceremony of management reform

     December 3rd 2016, the swearing in ceremony of management reform of BJD Group Co., Ltd was held in the melody of “Fly Higher”. More than 300 employees including Jiangbo Li, general manager of ...

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  • Welcome to our booth of CeBIT 2017

    Booth No.: E24, 16th Exhibition Hall;Date: March 20-24, 2017;Item on show: Travel chargers, Car chargers, Power strips, Wireless chargers;

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  • 8th anniversary celebration

     In November 12, 2016, Shenzhen Baijunda Electronic Co. Ltd ushered in its 8th anniversary celebration with flowers, fluttering flags, and hanging balloons inside and outside the company. 6 pm, a...

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  • Iphone 7 & PLUS battery capacity

    Remember that incredibly specific rumor from July that talked about the iPhone 7\'s battery beingaround 14% bigger than the one in the iPhone 6s? Well, it turns out it was right on the m...

    Read More》      2016-08-13

  • Galaxy Note 7 explodes in China Samsung says external heat to blame

     Though the saga of exploding batteries has been very disruptive to Samsung\'s Galaxy Note 7 roll-out, there have been one or two crumbs of comfort of the South Korean firm. No...

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